What We Do

FIT Check(SM)

Our FIT Check empowers you with the information you need to decide, adjust and justify your Infrastructure decisions.
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Advisory Services

Our IT Advisory services utilize senior business and IT executives to help clients solve complicated strategic and operational issues within IT.
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How We Do It

FIT Check is our proven methodology for delivering services.   FIT Check is structured to address the needs of IT executives, to achieve Business / IT Alignment, IT Infrastructure heads, to define an IT Service Roadmap and IT professionals, to realize IT Service Optimization.

FIT Check guides specialists with a codified set of questions, benchmarking information and best practices to analyze and facilitate decision making based on size of organization and business goals.

BVP will join with our partners and clients in support of Fred’s Footsteps, a non-profit foundation supporting families caring for a critically or chronically ill children at a fundraising golf outing event on September 22nd, 2014.

What do you feel when you hear the word “process”?  So often, clients tell me things such as cumbersome, slow, overhead or necessary evil.  When [...]

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There is a fine line between Hactivism and Hacks of Terrorism. Consider this article recently published by The Register which states that “58% of all [...]

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